What great managers do to engage employees

great managers

Anyone who has ever had a job knows the difference between great managers and OK managers. The sentiment is agnostic to industry: leaders aren’t born, they’re developed. In the climate of the current workforce being as competitive as it is, and the pool of talent to choose from dwindling, engaging and retaining employees is the most effective way to create a workforce that is productive and loyal.

Here are three ways great managers engage their employees:
1. Great managers foster a culture that celebrates career development and let their employees learn new skills during working hours.

Taking the initiative to learn something new requires dedication, discipline, and tenacity. Those are three skills that any dedicated manager would want a person on their team to possess. Learning new skills also diversifies their workforce, allowing managers to build up employees with skills that they may need in the future. According to research conducted by Glassdoor, employees who have a clear advancement into a new role are less likely to quit.

2. Great managers let their employees own proof of their learning. 

Both technical skills and emotional skills are relevant in the workplace, and having a digital credential to prove those skills is a benefit not only for the employee learning something new but for the organisation encouraging that learning. Digital credentials allow employers to have insight into the skills their workforce has. Those credentials belong to whoever learns them, empowering employees to create their own skills path. A report by O.C. Tanner Institute found that when employees are recognised, engagement increased by 48%, productivity by 34%, and employee retention by 26%.

3. Great managers encourage feedback from their employees.

Business is not just a transaction between customers and vendors; it’s also between employees and employers. Encouraging employees to communicate their needs to managers in a safe place is a valuable way to engage employees, as well as an effective way to retain them. Constructive feedback that allows employees to grow and develop their skills is a win-win for both parties.

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