Three good reasons why the time is right to launch a digital credential program


In order to reap the benefits of issuing digital credentials to your employees, workforce, students, or members, they key is to just start. 

Here are three reasons why right now is the best time to be issuing digital badges. 

1. Your organisation is going to have a captive audience for a while. People have more time to spend on learning right now. With remote work likely remaining the norm for the foreseeable future, marketing your learning and training programs, along with the digital credential that accompanies them, will be met with a hugely positive response. People want to feel good about themselves and the world around them right now. There’s no better way to do that than with verified, portable proof of learning that people can share with their networks.

2. Your organisation will save money on marketing spend. With the economy on unstable ground right now, saving money is top of mind for many organisations. Digital credentials are meant to be shared and once your learners earn their badges, the social media impressions, shares, likes, and clicks back to your website will result in an impactful marketing campaign. Those organic shares and likes result in real marketing dollars saved by reinforcing brand awareness, as well as clicks back to your website that will increase demand for your product or service. 

3. Offering badging for skills gives everyone peace of mind. Everyone wants to feel like they’re in control of their future, whether it’s upskilling, reskilling, or just learning something new. By issuing digital credentials, organisations can prove to their workforce that they’re invested in their professional development, professional associations can attract new members by reinforcing their learning programs, and higher education institutions can market to an engaged workforce seeking development by offering them portable proof of their learning. The world may seem like an uncertain place, but by highlighting new abilities and strengths, organisations have the power to create real, meaningful, positive change in their communities. 

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