The Genazzano Institute of Learning & Brain Sciences Joins Credly’s Network

CLient Launch 1

The Genazzano Institute of Learning & Brain Sciences, an award winning initiative of Genazzano FCJ College in Kew, Australia, recently announced its new digital credential initiative through Credly. With the support of Everitas, the Genazzano Institute has launched its program with a digital badge to recognize completion by students of a new end-of-year program called GenEncounter.

This blended curriculum and well-being program focuses on building and strengthening each student’s ability to understand and manage their emotions, and develop their sense of self and resilience together.

“We are excited to introduce the Emergence Program to students this year,” shared Catherine Brandon, Director of the Genazzano Institute of Learning & Brain Sciences. “It has been such an unusual year and rewarding students for completing a new learning program (GenEncounter) linked so closely to their wellbeing and self development is just wonderful. This new platform opens up the opportunities to recognise our students as 21st Century learners who are adequately equipped with the skills and knowledge to succeed in the global world we live in.”

“Today’s students are tomorrow’s employees, and the most successful members of the workforce of the future will be those individuals with verified skills and adaptable mindsets,” said Jonathan Finkelstein, CEO of Credly. “By helping students develop well-being and build resilience and recognizing those learning outcomes with digital credentials, schools such as the Genazzano Institute provide students with essential signals to employers that they are ready to participate in the modern workforce.” 

The Genazzano Institute will also issue a number of digital credentials as part of the broader Emergence Program, as well as for professional learning programs and courses run through the Institute. 

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