The Australasian Academy of Cosmetic Dermal Science (AACDS) launches digital credentials for Dermal Therapy training and Cosmetic Nursing training

CLient Launch 1

The Australasian Academy of Cosmetic Dermal Science (AACDS) have introduced digital credentials for their dermal therapy training and cosmetic nursing training! They will now be credentialing their students and graduates of all the AACDS courses and units of competency.

AACDS is the premier college established to meet all student educational needs in relation to dermal therapies and cosmetic nursing. Their courses can lead students into the exciting and dynamic fields of cosmetic medicine and advanced beauty.

For AACDS, digital credentials were brought to the table as they could see it was imperative for their career professionals and job seekers to ramp up their professional development with industry-specific skills.

Digital credentials have immense power to broaden the scope of how to showcase the needs of an employer are being met in a digital, verifiable, and shareable way making it easy for students and graduates to share their achievements and expand their horizons. AACDS saw that power very clearly and hopes that through their well-developed digital credential program, other providers can see the opportunities that exist in both accredited and non-accredited markets.

AACDS wanted to take their students to the next level so that they weren’t just completing a course, but instead getting a verifiable and shareable way to demonstrate how these activities translate to workplace skills and help prospective employers better understand the value of the students’ experience. As AACDS say themselves ‘unlocking new opportunities to show career readiness is our top priority!’

AACDS also saw digital credentials as a clear way to increase enrolments and course completion rates as they help students to realise the value and significance of the skills and knowledge they earn through AACDS’ courses.

AACDS have developed an exceptional digital credential program with Credly. We are very proud to have worked with such a dedicated team and can’t see what their program and future endeavours take their organisation and their students and graduates.