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digital credentials

Are paper certificates dead. Is it time for digital badges instead.
Paper Certificates are not visible to anyone but you. Maybe it’s time for digital badges.

Patricia Diaz lives in a pretty rural area outside of Chattanooga, Tennessee. When she says rural, she means that there are…

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online learning earning digital badges for the future of work
Use this time to double-down on your strengths for the future of work

No one knows what the world, or the future of work, is going to be like in six months or a…

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Online Learning at home
How to validate learning when teaching online

Training and conferences have been cancelled, school’s out for the time being, but the world can’t stop learning. Making the shift…

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employee engagement and retention with digital credentials
Can your organisation save money by investing in employee retention?

It’s a job seeker’s market right now, so how do you increase employee retention? The economy is doing well, and job seekers…

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Six reasons why Associations support member career journeys with digital badges

Professional Associations are leveraging the power of digital badges to assert and retain their relevance and value as the ‘single source…

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