Reduce Gender Bias in the Workplace


Men and women are still not equal when it comes to opportunities in the workplace. There is a systemic gender bias that happens during the hiring and promotion process in corporations that allows male leaders to rise to the C-Suite (95% of C-Level executives at Fortune 500 companies in the US are male), while women are often left to middle-management, or worse, out of the workforce completely.

In this white paper, learn how digital credentials can be used to:

  • Surface competency in the workforce and allow women a pathway to promotion based on skill.
  • Aid in allowing¬†the most capable employees get promoted, regardless of gender.
  • Redefine the path to senior leadership for women through the use of digital credentials and updated corporate policies.

Corporate organisations that offer learning and development opportunities, HR professionals leading talent management aimed at a more inclusive workforce, and employees (of both genders) who are dedicated to equality in the workplace will benefit from the tactics shared in this white paper. Download this valuable guide now at Credly Resources.

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