Red Education Launches Their Digital Badges With Credly

CLient Launch 1

Red Education’s digital credential program with Credly has launched. Red Education is the leading global IT training company and an award-winning technical training and certification provider for the IT community. They deliver across Australia, NZ, ASEAN, Greater China, Japan, Korea, India, SAARC, UAE, Africa and the Americas. They have launched their new digital badging program to reward their students who have completed their training courses

Red Education came to Credly looking to improve an already excellent training experience into an exceptional learning experience to drive further demand for their training. Through the sharing of digital credentials, they saw that they could create organic traction within their training courses to drive new enrolments and encourage returning participants back for further courses. They also saw the power of Credly to connect course completion to career advancement within the student’s respective organisations . This was key, as they were looking for a way to translate  student’s outcomes into future opportunities.

“By providing a secure, digital representation of Red Education certifications, IT professionals can more easily manage, share and make use of their credentials within their networks, across social media platforms, and on their resumes,” said Mike Baird, Managing Director of Red Education. “For Employees, our new digital badges make it easy to identify individuals with the skills they need to build and upskill their IT teams and to verify that their skills are relevant and up-to-date.”

Red Education knew that digital credentials had the power to ensure that their programs made an impact and could improve course completion rates and student motivation. Digital credentials provide earners with portable, shareable, and verifiable recognition of their achievements. Through the shares of digital badges, Red Education’s brand could be easily promoted, and their students’ achievements easily verified in real-time.

“These digital badges allow our students to be recognised for their skills and career advancement in the future [….] This is one more step Red Education is taking to create outstanding training experiences that will transform our students’ future,” said Mike Baird.

Congratulations to the Red Education team on the successful launch of their digital badging program!