Credly Acclaim customers issue Digital Credentials for the top five most in-demand soft-skills in 2020

Soft Skills important for the future of work

Today’s workforce is rapidly changing from manual to knowledge-based work and, as a result, the skills needed to effectively do these jobs are changing. LinkedIn recently released its list of the most in-demand hard and soft skills of 2020, and Credly Acclaim platform customers issue digital credentials for every single one. Recognition and proof of skills is the #futureofwork and hiring, with Credly and Everitas at the forefront of that cultural shift.

Soft skills are becoming just as relevant to hiring managers as technical skills, and proving those skills isn’t always straightforward. With Credly Acclaim, organisations can train and identify employees who have demonstrated the most in-demand emotional skills of the year.

Here are the most in-demand soft skills in 2020:

Thinking outside the box to get the job done is the number one most in-demand soft skill of the year and for good reason. Agile thinking saves organisations time and money and being able to demonstrate that skill is a great way to get ahead. That’s why organisations like PAIRIN issue a digital credential that recognises the ability to think creatively.


Doing the work is great, but explaining the “why” behind the work is a valuable skill. Getting buy-in from higher-ups that justifies human and capital resources is a valuable skill at the start of the new decade. So much so that Wharton issues a digital badge for learners who can demonstrate the ability to sell an idea.


Ever since knowledge-based experience and the internet have become a vital part of everyday life and work, being able to adequately demonstrate collaborative skills is even more relevant in a digital world. Being clear and concise about needs when you may be dealing with remote colleagues is the perfect example of agile thinking in an ever-evolving workplace. Education Design Lab created a digital badge that highlights a learner’s ability to collaborate effectively.


Rolling with the punches is great not just for ones personal life, but for professional life as well. Because the world of work is changing at a break-neck speed, skills are becoming obsolete at a rate that was previously unheard of. The ability to adapt to the current and future workforce is just as important as learning new technical skills. Anne Arundel Community College recognised the need for flexible change and created a digital badge to specifically identify that skill.

Emotional Intelligence.

Navigating and successfully managing interpersonal relationships is the pinnacle of emotional intelligence. This skill, especially in the workplace, distinguishes managers from leaders. Thomas College created a digital credential for emotional intelligence fundamentals so learners could own proof of this vital skill.

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