Red Education Launches Their Digital Badges With Credly

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Red Education’s digital credential program with Credly has launched. Red Education is the leading global IT training company and an award-winning technical training and certification provider for the IT community. They deliver across Australia, NZ, ASEAN, Greater China, Japan, Korea, India, SAARC, UAE, Africa and the Americas. They have launched their new digital badging program […]

The Australasian Academy of Cosmetic Dermal Science (AACDS) launches digital credentials for Dermal Therapy training and Cosmetic Nursing training

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The Australasian Academy of Cosmetic Dermal Science (AACDS) have introduced digital credentials for their dermal therapy training and cosmetic nursing training! They will now be credentialing their students and graduates of all the AACDS courses and units of competency. AACDS is the premier college established to meet all student educational needs in relation to dermal […]

Line Learning has partnered with Credly to implement their digital badges!

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Line Learning and Development Solutions (aka Line Learning/Line LND) is the pioneer Global Training Partner of Microsoft Corporation in the Philippines. They offer programs focused on technical skills proficiency combined with soft skills development. They have now officially launched their digital credential program to appropriately recognize their clients. Line Learning implemented digital credentials to ensure […]

GICT Training & Certification Launches New Digital Credentialing Initiative with Credly

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GICT Training, a pioneer in offering open source technology-based and vendor- neutral certification programs in the areas of AI/Machine Learning, Big Data/Data Science, Cloud Computing, and Internet of Things (IoT) announced in a press release the details of a new digital badging program for its certification holders. Individuals who successfully complete the course requirements will earn a […]

TechKnowledgey Launches New Digital Credential Program Through Credly

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  TechKnowledgey®, a Melbourne-based training provider of professional development, business acumen and project management skills, has joined Credly’s network of digital credential providers.  “For employers, our new digital badges make it easy to identify individuals with the professional skills they need to build an effective workforce and to verify that those skills are relevant and up-to-date,” […]

Unitive Education Launches New Digital Credential through Credly

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Unitive Education announced a new digital credentialing initiative to coincide with the launch of a flagship ‘Change Chef – Foundation of Change’ course and professional development lab. Individuals who complete the required courses and assessments will earn a Unitive Education digital credential through Credly.  “By providing a secure, digital representation of Unitive Education certifications, our change analysts, […]

ANZIIF Introduces Digital Certification for Insurance Industry


The Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance (ANZIIF) announced a new digital badging program for insurance professionals who hold an ANZIIF CIP Membership and certain qualifications. “ANZIIF is proud to partner with Credly to provide insurance professionals with a modern, digital way to share and validate the skills, competencies and achievements awarded to insurance,” says Damian Falkingham, General […]

iTrain Asia Launches New Digital Credentialing Initiative with Credly

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iTrain Asia Singapore, the leading certifications body and content provider of digital transformation in Asia, today launched a blockchain-enabled digital credential for its certification holders. Individuals who complete the courses and earn a passing score with iTrain Asia and its Authorised Training Partner (ATP) and Authorised Academy Partner (AAP) worldwide will obtain iTrain Asia’s digital […]

The Genazzano Institute of Learning & Brain Sciences Joins Credly’s Network

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The Genazzano Institute of Learning & Brain Sciences, an award winning initiative of Genazzano FCJ College in Kew, Australia, recently announced its new digital credential initiative through Credly. With the support of Everitas, the Genazzano Institute has launched its program with a digital badge to recognize completion by students of a new end-of-year program called […]