Client Success Spotlight: Oracle Maximises Digital Credentials to Add Value to its Certification Program

Oracle is an early adopter of integrating digital credentials into its Certification Program to provide verified, portable, future-proof credentials to its participants. Download this client success spotlight to get insights from the Oracle Certification Program Manager on how to build a successful digital credentialing program and the results they have achieved. Highlights include: How Oracle […]

The Future of Human Capital Management – How Individuals Benefit from Earning Digital Credentials

Digital credentials are a powerful resource for human capital management to address the global talent shortage and skills gap. A growing number of organisations, including Fortune 500 companies like IBM and Microsoft, are using digital credentials to improve workforce readiness, upskill employees, identify talent pools, and create more effective learning and development initiatives. This white […]

Connecting Faculty to Digital Credentials

Faculty development in higher education comes in all shapes and sizes. Join a panel of experts, who each represent a different facet of higher educational faculty development, (traditional one-campus model, a state-wide system, and a national standards setter), to learn how each have implemented a digital credentialing program which has led to a well-versed and […]

Unlock Career Potential with Digital Badges

A recently recorded webinar brought to you by Training Industry & Credly, Pete Janzow, Vice President of Business Development, will demonstrate how a digital credential boosts your personal brand while arming you with valuable, career-enhancing insights. You’ll learn: Using digital credentials in the wider landscape of work today What’s in your CPTM digital credential and […]

Digital credentials lower the odds in favour of good employment outcomes

Before digital credentials, what alchemy helped employers and educators match the right graduates with the right jobs; making sure that the right knowledge, skills and attributes were squared off against appropriate roles to the satisfaction of all parties?  On the flipside, who missed out on well-matched jobs because their valuable skills couldn’t be communicated or […]

ForgeRock University – Boosting Employability with Digital Credentials

  Susan Manning: Welcome to the Credly Podcast where we touch base with our issuers, earners, and partners and explore themes of interest in digital credentialing. I’m Susan Manning. Today I’m talking with Kevin Streater, the vice president of Forgerock University and Kevin, I’d like to welcome you. Kevin Streater: Thank you very much, Susan. […]