Auditor Training Online launch digital credentials to help students stand out in the auditing world

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Auditor Training Online (ATOL), a global training provider of ISO based management systems and auditing skills, have launched their new digital credentialing program for their qualification holders – ATOL Digital Credentials.

ATOL is a team of certified auditors with over 30 years of experience in successfully providing professional online auditor training to thousands of happy customers all over the world. They work to ensure they provide the best training possible using easy to follow and practical online auditor courses. Their impressive team guarantees that their training remains up to date and relevant.

ATOL were enticed into the world of digital credentials as they are always looking for ways to stand out and offer something unique to their students. As their training is online, digital credentials go hand in hand with their online courses. The ATOL team felt that digital credentials aligned perfectly with not only their course delivery but also their culture of standing out and going the extra mile.

Digital credentials were first considered by ATOL to allow their students to share their credentials with their networks as easily as possible and get their achievements the exposure they deserve. The long-term plan is for digital credentials to achieve global recognition as the best management systems auditor training provider by staying in front of trends and offering more than just a piece of paper. ATOL wants to stand out so that their students can stand out and digital credentials have the power to allow them to do so.

From the Everitas perspective, it has been a pleasure to work with ATOL to help them develop and launch their digital credential programs. We extend many congratulations to the team on their success and are looking forward to seeing their badges shared across social media and to all of the future growth and success ATOL is bound to have with their digital credential program.