We implement high quality digital credential programs, and advise learning & development professionals & educators on strategies to unlock greater workforce value and improve opportunities for current and future employees.

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When you join the world's most trusted digital credential network, Everitas’ Client Success team is here to expertly take you through program implementation, issuing, onboarding your teams, and help you streamline your process to achieve early and ongoing success.

David Kinsella

Founder and Director

David brings a unique understanding of the convergence of technology and human capital management to assist organisations to define digital credential strategies and to effectively collaborate with Credly – the global leader in digital credentials solutions – to deliver world class solutions.

Kate Britt

Director, Client Success

An experienced Human Resources and Organisation Development practitioner, Kate is passionate about working with organisations to implement, design, contextualise and align digital credential strategies. Kate applies expertise in organisational design and development to deliver strategic, bespoke solutions.

Maddie Swannell

Growth and Client Success Manager

Maddie is able to make sense of complex situations and helps contextualise large programs using her management and marketing experience. She specialises in helping customers feel comfortable and making sure they are getting the information they need to build a successful digital credential program.

Nardia Byrnes

Senior Client Success Manager

Nardia is passionate about creating unique and rewarding experiences for each and every organization as they navigate their digital credentialing program. She uses her communications background to tailor her customer success approach to the needs and goals of those she works with.

Digital credentials are fast becoming the currency of choice in an international marketplace of knowledge and skills.

Credly and its community of users are building that currency and the underlying infrastructure.

Credly believes that digital credentials will improve equity and expand access to opportunity, including for populations and individuals who have been traditionally underserved and overlooked.

Credly is working to positively impact the future – from the student debt crisis to the skills gap between available jobs and qualified applicants.