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How digital credentials improve employee engagement and retention

“Digital credentials are the foundation for building a culture of recognition that fully leverages the investments that employees and employers make in each other.

They give organisations a way to honour skills, achievements, values — whatever matters most to the organisation — in a consistent, holistic, and public way.”

Jonathan Finkelstein, Digital Credentialing pioneer and CEO of Credly

How IBM and other leading employers use digital credentials to improve productivity

To maintain customer confidence in IBM solutions and meet its strategic goals, developing and verifying competencies and skills is important across the entire IBM ecosystem.

These challenges required IBM to create a new credential structure to signal and surface capability. The company looked to digital badges as the solution, as it provides IBM with:

Timely, verified and portable credentials.

The ability to track skills at the nano level and make them discoverable to HR and hiring managers in real-time.

The ability to differentiate employees by skills, while seeing a complete view of the individual’s broader competencies and abilities.


Learn how professional associations use digital credentials to align membership benefits with member’s needs

Digital credentials can optimize your association’s learning and credentialing program, making it a more engaging and distinct benefit for your members. They are highly-visual and shareable online, and backed by metadata that details certifications and provide members with proof of learning.

They can even help your members stand out on LinkedIn, supporting another key engagement driver–networking–which can lead to career opportunities, promotions, and increased earnings.

How learning institutions and employers use digital credentials to bridge the gap between higher education and employment

Digital credentials are the currency of the emerging workforce, bringing a common language to knowledge, skills, and abilities regardless of whether they were learned on-the-job or in the classroom.


Providing advice and insights in collaboration with Credly – the global leader in digital credential solutions

Working with world-leading brands and institutions to pioneer digital credential applications has given me a deep understanding and appreciation of the profoundly positive impact digital credentials have on the lives of individuals and on organisational productivity.

Everitas leverages expertise, gained from leading a wide variety of projects across Europe, for the benefit of our clients in the Asia-Pacific region.

In collaboration with Credly – the global leader in digital credentialing technology – Everitas works with organisations to deliver innovative digital credential solutions that promote business growth and unlock more value from human capital management strategy.

David Kinsella, Everitas



  • ‘David’s initial guidance on digital credential strategy helped me to address a complex set of global project challenges on how best to recognise learning in the digital age. His advice on best practice covered a wide range of use case benefits, blockchain issuing, and the practical aspects of establishing a pilot programme. I highly recommend engaging David and Credly technology to help design and execute digital credentialing strategy’

    Neil Wooding
    Tech Entrepreneur and Author
  • “…a hit with the membership.”

    “In 2018, whilst working for the Association for Project Management, I engaged David Kinsella and the Digitalme Credly team in the delivery of digital credentials to our membership and those gaining our qualifications.  David took the time to explain the benefits of digital badges and how we could structure and deliver the proposition to our customers.  He and the team supported us through the whole process and kept us informed of developments in the platform and changes in the industry; all leading towards a successful outcome that has been a hit with the membership.  I strongly recommend to any professional body seeking to build more value into membership to consider a digital credential strategy, and to involve David and the Credly team in that process”.

    Stewart Longhurst
    Digital and Marketing Consultant

In the evolution of education and training, digital credentials are new, but what they lack in age, they more than make up for in impact